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Clover Necklace


With its four leaves symbolizing hope, faith, love, and luck, Heartstrings’ Clover Necklace is an arrestingly elegant interpretation of the fortuitous four leaf clover. At the centre a glimmering rubellite gemstone represents the luck that comes from within us.

The sparkling, easy-to-wear, 14k rose gold, Italian-made chain is the perfect compliment to this stunning, 23 mm, phosphor-bronze guitar string and rubellite pendant.

Halo Earrings


Named for their radiant circles of light, Heartstrings’ Halo Earrings celebrate femininity and celestial beauty. Symbolizing the enduring steadfast glow in our relationships, Halo’s luminous 16 mm rings, fashioned of phosphor-bronze guitar string with sterling silver posts make them an elegant accessory designed for everyday wear.

Keep your Halo Earrings looking their best by polishing with a silver polishing cloth as needed and avoiding chemical jewelry dips.

Walk Off The Earth Resonance Ring


Walk Off The Earth (WOTE), in collaboration with Canadian luxury brand, Heartstrings Jewelry, has transformed its guitar strings from the stage into stunning, bespoke, Resonance Rings.

Handcrafted using acoustic or electric guitar strings direct from WOTE and their favourite performances on the world stage. Resonance is a sterling silver ring wound with your choice of one or two strands of gleaming phosphor-bronze or nickel guitar string with a WOTE inner-engraving. An exclusive little piece of Walk Off The Earth just for you!

Further enhance your WOTE Ring with a custom inner engraving of a concert date, a song title, initials, or a special message. Choose up to 15 characters in script or block lettering to personalize your one of a kind ring!


*Half and quarter ring sizes are available upon request. Please make a note when ordering or contact directly.*


Limited Edition Resonance Necklace Featuring WALK OFF THE EARTH World Tour Guitar Strings


Walk Off The Earth (WOTE), in collaboration with Canadian luxury brand, Heartstrings Jewelry, has transformed its world tour guitar strings into the stunning, limited edition RESONANCE necklace.

Handcrafted using acoustic and electric guitar strings direct from WOTE and their favourite performances on the world stage. RESONANCE also features a solid sterling silver pendant beautifully engraved with the WOTE 2019 World Tour and your limited edition number. The high-end, entirely unique pendant is set against a fine, adjustable, and easy-to-wear Italian sterling silver chain.

Be one of the few to own a highly exclusive and irreplaceable piece of the WOTE journey.

Heartstrings’ Signature Necklace


Classic and eye-catching, Heartstrings’ Signature Necklace adds a shimmer of elegance suitable for all occasions. This fully adjustable necklace is dynamic, easy-to-wear, and sure to pull at your heartstrings.

Signature is composed of phosphor-bronze acoustic guitar string and set on a sterling silver necklace with a sliding clasp.

Electric Heart


A stunning variation on Heartstrings’ classic Signature Necklace. Electric Heart tempers the passion of electric guitar string with a cool, glimmering, aquamarine gemstone, perfect for any occasion.

Electric Heart is composed of a faceted aquamarine briolette surrounded by nickel wrapped retired electric guitar string and set against a fine Italian sterling silver box chain. Available in 16″ and 18″ lengths.

Duet Drop Earrings


Heartstrings’ Duet Drop Earrings are classic, elegant, and bring a bold sophistication to everyday attire. Handcrafted from phosphor-bronze acoustic guitar strings with silver French hooks, the tear drop shape easily catches the light to frame your face with a natural radiance.



Simple and striking, Heartstrings’ V-Necklace adds an element of brightness, balance, and confidence to any ensemble.

The integral v-shaped pendant, handcrafted from retired phosphor-bronze guitar string, is elegantly suspended on a rose gold filled chain adjustable from 16″ to 18″.

Keep the pendant looking its best by polishing with a silver polishing cloth and avoiding chemical jewelry dips.


Bar Earrings


A sweet and sultry bar of music for your ears. These 7mm phosphor-bronze, guitar string, studs with sterling silver posts and earring backs are an elegant staple. Simply perfect for everyday wear!

To keep your Bar Earrings looking their best, shine with a soft cloth or silver polishing cloth. Do not use chemical jewelry dips.

Trinity Necklace


Symbolizing strength, wisdom, and loyalty, Heartstrings’ Trinity Necklace is a testament to the people and relationships that shape us. Its tri-metallic intertwined rings, catch the light from multiple angles, reflecting the brilliance of brass, phosphor-bronze, and nickel guitar strings. The 3/4″ pendant is set against a stunning, simple, and easy-to-wear sterling silver chain, adjustable in length from 16 to 18 inches.

Keep it looking its best by polishing with a silver polishing cloth and avoiding chemical jewelry dips.

Wave Bracelet


Feel elegant in this intricately woven bronze, phosphor-bronze, and electric retired guitar string bracelet. The oval shape allows it to sit comfortably on your wrist showing perfect halves of the guitar string and the solid sterling silver clasp. The clasp has both a magnet and a catch for ease and security.

Celtic Knot Necklace


Inspired by Celtic culture and symbolizing the strength of our relationships. This Celtic Knot Pendant is handcrafted from retired bronze, phosphor-bronze and nickel wound guitar string. The pendant sparkles on a rose gold filled chain, adjustable in length from 16″ to 18″.

Lotus Flower Necklace


Symbolic of purity, harmony, and rising above adversity, Heartstrings’ Lotus Flower Necklace portrays the natural relationship between strength and beauty. Fashioned of phosphor-bronze guitar string, the stand alone beauty of the lotus is only enhanced by a glimmering drop of rubellite. This breathtaking tribute to a life with purpose dazzles against a fully adjustable, easy-to-wear Italian sterling silver chain.

Champagne Earrings


Elegant, lively, and full of allure, Heartstrings’ Champagne Earrings invite attention wherever you go. Designed to move as you do, their bronze acoustic guitar strings and gold-coloured guitar string ball ends easily find the light and cast eye-catching radiance all directions.

Champagne is also available as a necklace and bracelet.

Champagne Necklace


Sparkling with life and complete with small, glimmering accents, Heartstrings’ Champagne Necklace is a luxury you can afford!

A stand out piece for even the most discerning, Champagne integrates the sparking finishes of silver electric, bronze and phosphor-bronze acoustic guitar strings and the glint and shimmer of guitar string ball ends against the perennial beauty of a sterling silver chain.

The tri-metallic finish of the pendant coupled with a chain that adjusts from 16” to 18” inches gives Champagne a versatile appeal.

Champagne is also available as a bracelet and set of earrings.